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Wedding Photography at Holdsworth House

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Admin under Halifax. Magic Moments Photo and Video., Wedding Photography at Holdsworth House
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We were back at Holdsworth House in Halifax yesterday for the wedding of Leanne and James.  We’ve been to Holdsworth House many times over the years – in fact we were there just two weeks ago  videoing a wedding – but we have never been there in the snow.  I’m just starting to edit the photos from yesterday’s wedding and this was one of the first of the day. Holdsworth House always makes a very picturesque setting but even more so in the snow.  It actually came as quite a shock when we arrived as there was practically no snow in Wakefield when we left home, but it was about 4 inches deep at Holdsworth.  This was also the first wedding photo to be taken on the first of our brand new Canon 5DmkIII cameras.  As full-time professional wedding photographers we change all of our cameras every two years to ensure that we are always working with the latest and best cameras.  This is something that the week-end photographers cannot afford to do and is another good reason to employ a full-time and qualified wedding photographer.  Couples always assume that when they book a wedding photographer then he will have all of the equipment needed to complete the work.  Sadly this is very often not the case.  If every photo with the 5DMkIII looks as good as this, then I shall be very happy.

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