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Wedding Leeds Town Hall

Posted on April 9, 2012 by Admin under Magic Moments photo and video, Wedding photography Leeds Town Hall, Wedding Photos Leeds, Wedding Video West Yorkshire
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Besides weddings on both weekends we also had a mid-week wedding on Thursday this week.  John-Paul had only booked us for their photography and video a week before the wedding.  I’m quite used to receiving late bookings and they are always welcome, but in all the 19 years that we have been involved in the wedding business I think that a week’s notice is the shortest that we have ever had.  Marta is actually from Spain and in August they are having a big celebration over there, so this wedding at Leeds Town Hall was quite a modest affair.  I actually love these smaller, more intimate weddings and they have a totally different feel to the more traditional wedding with dozens of guests – I suppose that they remind me of my own wedding which we had at our favourite restaurant in Dewsbury.  After the ceremony we took the family photos at the front of the incredibly impressive Leeds Town Hall, before moving on to Millennium Square for photographs of the couple at Marta’s suggestion.  I think that the Civic Hall is a wonderful building and was hoping to get a rather special photo of Jean-Paul and Marta in front of it.  Unfortunately, on a Thursday lunchtime there were dozens of office workers enjoying the spring sunshine who rather spoilt the look of the whole photograph, so I spent an evening in photoshop removing them all.  Let me know if you see anyone that I missed!

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