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Bump Portraits at Cannon Hall

Posted on December 26, 2012 by Admin under Bump Photography, Cannon Hall Barnsley, Magic Moments photo and video, Mother and Baby Portraits
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I usually meet wedding couples two or three times before the wedding but Maria and Andy booked me entirely by e-mail for a Mum and “Bump” portrait session before the big event, so we had never met which added an interesting dimension to the shoot.  As a photographer, it is essential to make your subject feel entirely comfortable in front of the camera. This is much easier if you have met each other beforehand and have established some form of rapport.  It is a touch harder if you have never met!.  However, I need not have worried as Maria and Andy were very natural and we very quickly felt comfortable working together.  Maria chose Cannon Hall near Barnsley as the venue for the shoot, as this is where Andy and her were married.  A low sun blazing out of a cloudless sky proved to be quite a challenge, but we found some shade and got some lovely shots.

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